How I paint black armour

There are certain colours people get very apprehensive about having to paint in large amounts such as red, yellow, and black. They all pose some serious issues for getting them looking right and not taking too much time to do so in the process. I’m a very lazy painter and if I can’t do a colour ‘right’ fairly easily then I tend to avoid painting it. Ironically two colours I paint more than any other are red and black as via my airbrush I’ve found some pretty easy ways to get a result I’m happy with. Continue reading “How I paint black armour”


My Black Templars Project – Intro

And so the madness begins.

I’m Mike and the other voice on the Legends of the Warp podcast. 40k has always been my number one interest in wargaming despite a short absence to play ‘other’ systems. 8th Edition has hit me hard in the feels and the pocket already, with a good sized Imperial Guard force already up to fighting strength to go along with a fair amount of Adeptus Mechanicus and some assorted Imperial Agents to add a bit of spice. Continue reading “My Black Templars Project – Intro”

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